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Larry Miller - Trucking Accident Expert Witness

The following is a professional curriculum vitae for Larry Miller, trucking expert witness.

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Updated September 2013



  • Heavy Truck Safety & Operation
  • Log Book/Hours of Service
  • Hazardous Material Transportation
  • DOT Regulations
  • Smith System
  • Maintenance/Mechanical Repairs
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Yard Operations



  • Smith System Safe Driving
  • Hazardous Material, Handling Procedures
  • Flammable Liquid Tank Truck, Loading and Unloading Procedures
  • Flammable Liquid Tank Truck, Fire Fighting and Prevention
  • Ergonomic Training for Injury Prevention
  • Driver Fatigue & Human Factors
  • FMCSA Compliance Courses
  • Hazardous materials “Train the Trainer” instructor course



2008 to present
Pacific Coast Motor Carrier Safety Institute
Director, Trucking Expert
Investigate and analyze accidents involving heavy vehicles, including straight trucks, buses, tractor/semi-trailers, tankers and local delivery vehicles. Provide consulting services in areas ranging from truck operation to code compliance to vehicle maintenance issues. Experienced in all aspects of truck accident analysis.

Training classes provided: Forklift operations and safety: Hazardous Material regulations, handling and shipping procedures for interstate and intrastate shipments: State and federal regulations as they apply to trucking, forklift operations and safe practices for warehouse and dock operations.

Linde Gasses & Engineering
Cryogenic bulk liquid tank truck delivery specialist
Driving and loading and unloading of cryogenic liquids (oxygen,nitrogen,hydrogen, argon & helium)

1991 to 2008
Tank Truck Driver
Operate flammable liquid tank trucks and expedite the loading & unloading of gasoline, ethanol and diesel fuels. Recording deliveries and pick-ups on a load manifest. Performing pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections, documenting deficiencies and ensuring all systemswere in good working order. Assisted in resolving maintenance issues.

1988 – 1991
Rheinhold Industries
Delivery Driver
Operate heavy delivery vehicles to transport advanced reinforced structural composite and high temperature ablative components for the Aerospace Industry. Managed a route with regular stops and accustomed to working under harsh weather conditions in addition to thick city traffic. Review invoices with clients and obtain shipper and receiver authorizations/signatures. Maintain trip logs reflecting customer locations and distance traveled and fuel costs. Coordinate vehicle inspections and repairs and troubleshoot vehicle malfunctions on the road. Maintain safe vehicle conditions in compliance with company and highway regulations. Assist with load and unloading of product at warehouses using a Pallet Jack and forklift.

1990 – 1991
Dootson School of Trucking
Truck Driving Instructor
Professional instructor with courses of 20 or more students for commercial truck driving. Lectured in classrooms and applied hands-on training in the field at state of the art off–road training sites, implementing safety and driving techniques. Curriculum included use of long boxes, short boxes, doubles and reefers for local and long haul.

1976 – 1988
Milne Truck Lines
Heavy Duty Driver
Drove heavy duty trucks to transport general freight, including tractor/semi-trailers, flatbeds, drop-decks, and box containers. Load varied from LTL freight to delivery of heavy machinery to construction sites across the western U.S.

Yard Operations manager- tracking inbound and outbound cargo, container, and loose pallets. Perform palletizing and crafting of material for shipment. Manage logistics and routing to optimize delivery cycle.

Fork Lift Operator for Interstate Freight Trailers, Heavy Duty Harbor Delivery & Pick up.

1975 – 1976
Millers Truck Mechanical Service
Founder/Chief Mechanic
Repair light and heavy trucks. Areas included basic maintenance, diagnostics, tire repair and replacement, brake repair and adjustment, air compressor and service line repair, DOT inspections and repair to achieve DOT compliance. Serviced various brands including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel. Checked transmissions, clutches and driveline for various makes and models.


Smith System Driving Course
Trained in the Smith System of safe driving for heavy trucks. Teaches the driving techniques implementing the five keys of safe cushion driving and how to spot poor driving habits that can cause traffic collisions.

Heavy Truck Maintenance
Trained in the maintenance of heavy trucks to comply with DOT regulations. Further trained in the maintenance and repair of heavy truck air brake systems and specialized equipment found on commercial vehicles.

Safe Driving of Trucks
Trained in safe operation of heavy trucks of all types, including braking issues, following distance, visibility, conspicuity, off-tracking, and other issues associated with truck driving. Trained in the proper use of air brake system when operating heavy trucks.

Firefighter Training for Flammable Liquid Tank Trucks
Safety course on the dangers of highly flammable materials and how to prevent fires and other mishaps at loading and delivery sites.

Heavy Truck Ergonomics
Trained in heavy truck ergonomics for injury prevention, including proper lifting techniques, driving posture, and vehicle operation.


Licensed State of California, Commercial Driver’s License.
HazMat, Tanker, Doubles, Triples, and Airbrake Endorsements.
Forklift Operator


  • 38+ years of no at-fault accidents
  • ARCO Million Mile Safe Driving Award for 17 years of service with no at-fault accidents
  • Strong work ethic, stable work history and credible references
  • Knowledgeable of DOT safety regulations and FMCSA regulations
  • Technically inclined with a proven ability to troubleshoot and repair vehicle operation issues
  • Attended 3 industry round table discussion groups hosted by the FMCSA on Transportation Safety



2010, 2011
Attended three separate industry round table discussion groups hosted by the FMCSA on transportation safety

1979 – 1988
Part-time weekend fill-in for owner-operators’ small 1-3 truck fleets loading and delivering wet cement in a rotating drum cement

Three months working for Ridley’s, a construction support trucking company using Cozad trailers moving oversized construction equipment requiring “Oversize Load” signs and escort vehicles as well as moving 105 foot bridge segments with pole dolly trailers; also drove double bottom dump sand and gravel trucks, dump and pup transfer truck and trailers, triple trailers, rock truck, off-road
equipment including road graders, scrapers, caterpillar bulldozers, earth movers, livestock trailers, car haulers, and tow trucks of all sizes.

1981 – 1984
Part-time weekends and Mondays as a shuttle driver moving all types of vehicles to auction sites and returning them to their owner’s property if they did not sell. These vehicles included cement trucks, drop deck heavy haul trailers, small stinger cranes, large modular cranes that move in 5-8 piece segments on flatbed semi-trucks and trailers.

Trained with Consumer’s Oil Company driver trainers on transporting heavy petroleum products: top loading bunker oil, waste oil, asphalt products. This training included loading, delivery, and operation of the power take off pump as well as general operation of the truck and loading rack facilities.