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Larry Miller - Trucking Accident Expert Witness

Nothing beats the trained eye at the scene of an accident.


Your team needs the highest level of experience to assist in the re-creation of facts on the ground. From first hint of danger to the moment of impact to the aftermath, every single element must be investigated and documented to the greatest detail possible.

Larry Miller has traveled to the site of trucking accidents in order to ascertain the facts of the matter personally, to assist in the preparation of any future investigation and expert testimony. While on-site investigations are not a requirement of an expert witness’ testimony, it’s easy to imagine the impact of the combined facts of expert + being at the scene.

This is what Larry Miller brings to any case. Accident investigation is a key element for any litigation case, so keep this important number handy: 909-720-4368. Larry can provide complete accident investigation services for you, your company, or your representation in any anticipated or pending matter.

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