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Larry Miller - Trucking Accident Expert Witness

When it comes to trucking accident expert witness services, experience counts.


Your case requires the level of professionalism, knowledge and insight that comes only from decades in the trucking business. Because being a trucking expert witness is far more than just being an accident investigator, or even a long-time driver. The key to providing the most authoritative testimony possible comes from having a fully developed background, ranging from driving experience to instruction, accident investigation, and of course real case work. This is why your first consideration should be Larry Miller.

Based in Southern California, Larry Miller has nearly 40 years of continuous, progressively responsible experience in and around the trucking industry. He has participated as an expert witness in dozens of cases, and has appeared on the stand in support of his conclusions, helping clients win numerous victories. References are available on request.

Larry’s philosophy is to let the evidence speak for itself. To that end, he works diligently to gather all the necessary information from any accident scene – in many cases, traveling on a moment’s notice to the location – to work with on-site investigators in the re-creation of transpired events. This critical time often plays a major role in later phases of any case, because having the expert witness be a part of the original investigation can be an invaluable asset to the defense of any position.

Larry handles both plaintiff and defense expert witness testimony. He is not afraid of the hard work that goes into the job – particularly on defense cases, which often require far more investigation and research.

Best of all, Larry Miller will provide you with his honest appraisal of any incident. If he feels he is not the right person for your case, he will tell you, up front. You can be certain that if Larry accepts your case, you have the right man for the job.

Larry welcomes all inquiries related to trucking expert witness services. He is available by phone during normal business hours (Pacific time) at 909-720-4368, or you may use the form below to send your inquiry.

Thank you for your interest in Larry Miller’s trucking expert witness services.

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